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Toddler (1 to 2 years)

Stage 02 provides plenty of opportunities for your new walker to explore and engage the world around them.  A typical day in the life of a Community Day School toddler is filled with stimulating, age-appropriate activities and materials.

  • Interactive play, music, and dance.

  • Outdoor time encourages social engagement in plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

  • Age-appropriate fitness toys and activities keep toddlers on the move.

  • Self-help skills such as washing hands, picking up after themselves and sharing are taught to this age group in order to foster sociality assimilation.

When your child reaches the toddler stage, they’ve reached their first milestone.  They are no longer infants and have grown into the mobile stage where they begin to investigate and explore the world around them.  At The Community Day School, our energetic and caring teachers encourage and gently guide each toddler through this important exploratory and discovery stage. Your toddler's natural inquisitiveness will be encouraged and nurtured with daily activities that include music, movement, fitness, playing with toys and equipment, art supplies, blocks and books that encourage and support their urge to explore and discover. Since toddlers learn through play and exploration, we give them the space, age-appropriate materials and stimulation they need to help quench their thirst for knowledge of the world around them. 

Read it Once Again Curriculum

Read it Once Again is an early childhood comprehensive curriculum that uses familiar children's literature to provide a solid educational foundation of the basic skills necessary for children to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. These skills include speech/language, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, daily living skills, and socialization. 

Read It Once Again includes 2 levels: Level 1 and Level 2. These units provide our teachers with student goals and objectives based on developmental milestones with structure and rationale. The curriculum also provides a structure for engaging the parent/guardian in the educational process and fosters the communication process between the home and school. 

Hi Mama

This app is accessible to all parents and families of The Community Day School. This is a quick and easy way for Community Day School staff to communicate and interact with families. The teachers are able to inform parents about their child's day, what activities they did, upcoming events, needs for the child and more - almost instantly. 

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