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Preschool (2 to 3 years)

Stage 03 further encourages sharing and communication and paves the path toward social development of the active two-year-old.

  • Beginning with social skills, Preschoolers will participate in short group circle times.

  • Engagement in imaginary play, creative arts and a colorful assortment of reading options.

  • Potty training and beginner daily life skills.

  • Daily nap and quiet, soothing books help unwind a busy Preschool.


Preschoolers are ready to expand their horizons to seek out information, explore new territory and make sense of all they encounter. At this age, our teachers focus on encouraging their students to learn, respecting their work, bolstering their self-images, exploring their interests, marveling in their creativity and offering a child-centered classroom.

Read it Once Again Curriculum

Read it Once Again is an early childhood comprehensive curriculum that uses familiar children's literature to provide a solid educational foundation of the basic skills necessary for children to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. These skills include speech/language, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, daily living skills, and socialization. 

Read It Once Again includes 2 levels: Level 1 and Level 2. These units provide our teachers with student goals and objectives based on developmental milestones with structure and rationale. The curriculum also provides a structure for engaging the parent/guardian in the educational process and fosters the communication process between the home and school. 

Hi Mama

This app is accessible to all parents and families of The Community Day School. This is a quick and easy way for Community Day School staff to communicate and interact with families. The teachers are able to inform parents about their child's day, what activities they did, upcoming events, needs for the child and more - almost instantly. 

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